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We turn buyer data into leads, listings, and profits


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Transform your buyer database
into a recurring asset


Our Real-time Buyer Marketplace
empowers brokerages to:


Generate Seller Leads

  • Market your buyers to get the inside track
  • Content for seller prospecting
  • Win every listing presentation with a list of buyers



Match your buyers, to your listings

  • Search for agents within your brokerage who have buyers
  • Help sellers with pricing and pre-marketing
  • Faster, more profitable

Know what buyers want

  • Use search data to offer buyers better matches
  • Buyers scored & qualified
  • Power targeted re-marketing efforts

People search homes every month, but who are they?

Our patent-pending matching algorithms just married big data and their children are beautiful.

BuyerMLS separates real qualified buyers from the curious voyeurs by creating an ANONYMOUS and COMPLETE buyer profiles on EVERY buyer including: needs & wants, qualification status, readiness to buy, ability to buy, and timeliness.  BuyerMLS then SCORES every profile on a proprietary 5-star scale, making it easier on your agents to find qualified buyers.


Technology to empower your agents

Our platform seamlessly integrates into a brokerage’s existing business processes
to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Internal Team Communication

Weekly office meeting announcements can now happen 24/7/365.  Whenever an agent has a new buyer or coming soon listing, they can immediately notify all agents.

Five-Star Lead Scoring

Scoring is based on a proprietary algorithm determining if the buyer is willing, able, and ready.


Import your active MLS listings, coming soon listings, and any status changes for automated two-way matching.  Both agents are notified when a new match occurs.

Two-way Search

Because we’ve anonymized every buyer with a unique Buyer ID, agents can search for qualified buyers by any variable.

Smart Notifications

Notifications of critically-important market activities such as new listings, buyers/renters, status changes and other key data are delivered to the relevent agent.

FindBuyers Microsite

Sellers only care about one thing: “Do you have a buyer?”. Our branded Microsites enable brokerages to market they have buyers, attracting homeowners thinking about selling.

Broker HeadStart™

As soon as your agents add new buyers, listings, caravans, or coming soon listings, our system auto-alerts your agents first giving them a Broker Headstart.


Before BuyerMLS, brokerages could only forecast 1/2 of their GCI.  With BuyerMLS, managers have full transparency into both sides of their offices inventory.


Listing presentations will never be the same.  Your agents can show off your internal database of buyers.  “Mr and Mrs Seller, we have 45 buyers that match your property!”

“I presented our in-house buyer database to the seller and their response was: ’So I guess it’s a no-brainer to list with you.’ And he’s a relative of our competitor!”

Dee Dee Brix, Associate Broker


Actionable Intelligence driven by
behavorial data and proprietary algorithms

CIRCLE - machine learning

Machine Learning technology has been used in virtually every industry from healthcare to financial services and now BuyerMLS is the first real estate analytics company to bring smart machine learning to real estate brokerages.  Our intelligent decision engine scores and prioritizes matches based not only on what a buyer says they want, but also on what their search behaviors tells us they want.

CIRCLE - preditive marketing

Percy, our smart machine learning algorithm, can predict any desired outcome, whether it be inquiries or who’s most likely to purchase next. How? Percy understands why certain buyers like certain homes, and compares each buyer against patterns of similar buyers who are currently in the market and against similar buyers who have taken similar actions and reached desired outcomes.

CIRCLE - big data

Percy’s predictions and extrapolated insights are enhanced with the mining of big data to help all stakeholders: consumers receive better matched properties, brokerages can spend their marketing dollars more efficiently by targeting buyers that are most likely to buy rather than the traditional “spray and pray” method, and agents can better allocate their time based on a more accurate segmentation of their leads.

“Buyers represent 50% of the transaction and no one has quantified and presented buyers as an asset like BuyerMLS has.”

Jonathan Miller CEO Miller Samuel “Best Online Real Estate Expert” by Money Magazine


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BuyerMLS delivers actionable demand-side analytics and market intelligence to real estate agents, brokers, and consumers.

There is a gaping hole in real estate: real-time demand data does not exist.  Our mission is to fill that gap by bringing transparency and centralizing real estate demand, in turn helping real estate professionals generate new listings and close more deals. Using technology that has advanced other industries, our Machine Learning algorithms and data mining activities help to build individual profiles of buyers, considering not only what consumers say they want, but also what their behaviors tell us, what other buyers with similar profiles ended up purchasing, as well as input gathered from their lender, their agent, and big data partners.  The centralization of buyer profiles and intelligence empowers opportunities for predictive decision making, improved matching, two-way search, efficient re-targeting and marketing, demand forecasting, dynamic list pricing and appraisals, mortgage risk reduction, and many other business opportunities.

“the fact that I had access to a ‘real’ list of buyers is what impressed my sellers.  All 3 listings presentations where I presented BuyerMLS I walked out with the listing.”

Bryan Brainard, Broker

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